A Scolding in Seven Pieces – Afroculinaria

Black Lives Matter means not being scared to go to a doctor as a Black man because you’ll be ignored or worse experimented on like an laboratory animal. It means being a Black woman¬ being considered aggressive because you won’t suffer other people’s passive¬ so passive microaggressions. It means being Black of any color or shade or faith or sexuality etc.¬ having people vivisect your identity because u don’t fit a bubble. It means people don’t assume you’re poor or culturally disadvantaged&if you are financially challenged that you aren’t less of a human being. It means living a life of mental& physical health un-impacted by the stress of racial slights and systemic racism& living off 5 black dollars to a white 100. Black Lives Matter should begin at birth&be an inheritance for generations to come.&don’t forget it means law enforcement and vigilantes don’t get to profile you&destroy your life. And maybe I can sleep again.

I try to avoid being political on this blog, but today’s situation is more than “just politics.” I cannot be silent. I am called to amplify the words of BlPOC at this time.

Michael W. Twitty (you really should buy his book, “The Cooking Gene”) provides us with a great deal of wisdom, which reads like poetry, from which we could all learn.

via A Scolding in Seven Pieces – Afroculinaria

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