So, This Just Happened …

I have a couple more lectures to watch, and a post-course survey to complete, but all of my grades are in as of this morning. I finished with a grade of 89%, a solid A-. I have never worked so hard for *anything* as I did for this certification, and that’s no exaggeration.

I am no artist. However, I managed a city plan and a featured building for my capstone project and received full marks for them. I stretched myself beyond what I thought possible, and I succeeded.

Go me!

4 thoughts on “So, This Just Happened …

  1. Congratulations double plus, dear Sharon Cathcart. (Dr Cathcart?) That is an awesome achievement. I appreciate your literature commentary even more knowing that you were fully engaged in this ‘Mission Impossible’ Best wishes from an admirer in Cairns, Australia


  2. Congratulations am an architectural draughtsman amongst other things – so I appreciate what you have achieved!


    1. Thank you! Drawing is so not my strong suit; I’m actually shocked and amazed that my city plan and featured building received full marks. I do not exaggerate at all when I say this is the hardest I’ve ever worked for anything. 🙂 I envy you your skill/talent.


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