Sample Saturday … and Working Cover Reveal

Pompeii Fire v 2

Hi, everyone. My apologies for the lateness of this post. I had two meetings this morning on Zoom , and after that I noticed something a little disturbing. Remember the fall I took a few weeks ago? Well, the knee I landed on has developed an effusion, colloquially referred to as “water on the knee.” I had to go out and get a knee brace and I’ve been keeping my leg elevated. The effusion will reabsorb eventually; I’m not having pain and I can walk. So, no worries there.

Anyway, this week I thought I would give you a snippet of my current work in progress, Pompeii Fire, and show the working cover (which is pretty likely to be the final product). As always with works-in-progress, this is a draft; the final product is highly likely to differ from this.

Mario led the way into the restored gladiator barracks. “I’m sorry you didn’t get to see this when you were here before.”

Stephanie stood outside one of the cells, her face panic-stricken. “Suetonius? Ubi Suetonius est?”


“Suetonius!” Tears streamed from Stephanie’s eyes as she cried out. “Ubi Suetonius est?”

Mario turned back just in time to catch her as her eyes rolled back in her head.

Why is she asking where Suetonius is? And why is she speaking Latin? He placed her gently on the floor, out of the sun. Then, he dialed the emergency number to get an ambulance. Of course, the automobile couldn’t enter the archaeological park; he needed to coordinate with a worker. Surely the archaeologists on-site could be of some assistance.

As Mario ran to find the closest park attendant, still talking to the emergency operator on his mobile, the dog Stephanie called Buon Cane trotted over and settled down next to her. His posture was vigilant; no one would harm her while he was on duty.

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