Weekend Reads: “Trial of Passion”

Hi, everyone. Now that the A-to-Z Challenge is over for 2020, I’m getting back to my regular features. Here is this week’s review.

Trial of Passion (Arthur Beauchamp, #1)Trial of Passion by William Deverell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this book during Left Coast Crime 2019 and, as I work my way through my to-be-read pile, finally got to it.

Arthur Beauchamp has retired from his law practice and is living on a quiet island in British Columbia. He’s coming to terms with his shattered marriage, and getting to know his new community. However, one of his former partners begs him to come back and defend a fellow lawyer who’s been charged with sexual assault. After a while, Arthur reluctantly agrees.

What follows is part courtroom procedural, part reading of evidentiary transcripts, and part contemporary romance as Arthur, who is no longer a young man, contemplates re-entering the dating scene and all that comes with it.

I found the look into the Canadian court system fascinating to compare and contrast with that in the US (my experience has solely been as a juror). I also enjoyed the insights into the various characters that came from the parts of the book where Arthur is either reading transcripts or listening to evidence tapes. It gave a number of extra clues as to what was happening with both the plaintiff and the defendant in the case. However, the highest marks go for when Arthur is at home on Garibaldi, where we meet his new neighbors. Most of them are most politely described as eccentric, and every one of them is entertaining and believable.

Nicely done.

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