Blogging from A to Z: T is for Thraex

The thraex, or Thracian, was another kind of gladiator. He typically fought against the murmillo. The thraex carried a small, rectangular or circular shield called a parmula. He had a short, curved sword called a sica, intended to thrust around his opponent to get to their unarmored back. He also wore greaves (shin guards), a helmet with a crest ending in a griffin’s head (oftentimes plumed), and sometimes a guard on the sword arm.

A reader mentioned he was interested in how this all tied into my fiction, and I told him I’d share something today. In my current work-in-progress, one of the characters is a gladiator named Suetonius. He fights as a thraex.

There are many organizations which do gladiatorial reenactments. I found a group from France, ACTA, that has put some of their bouts on video. Here is a battle between a thraex and a murmillo.

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