Author’s Inspiration: “Clytie’s Caller”

Clyties_CallerHi, everyone. Can you believe it’s February already? It seems like time is flying more than usual.

The inspiration for my sweet Regency novella, Clytie’s Caller, was dealing with my own PTSD. Post-traumatic stress affects not only combat veterans, but survivors of trauma like domestic violence, sexual assault, and more. I started thinking about what it would be like to be a young woman in a time when PTSD wasn’t really understood, and that it would be like for her to see her world shrink. Having also experienced agoraphobia at once point in my life, I knew the fear of stepping outside the door and feeling unsafe.

So, I created Clytemnestra Preston, the titular Clytie.  Her family values education, and are well-to-do but not nobility. Her brother, Archimedes (Archie), is engaged to a young woman named Isabel, whose cousin Samuel is a physician. He’s also a veteran, and when he sees Clytie panic in the Assembly Rooms at Bath, he recognizes some of her symptoms from treating men with “shell shock.” He’s attracted to her, so he sets out to help her overcome her fears without being seen as a threat.

This was one of my favorite stories to write. It’s a “clean read,” and one that readers of Regency have enjoyed very much. I do hope you’ll have a look as well.

PrintBath, 1816. Clytemnestra Preston has become so terrified of life that she refuses to leave her room. Not even her family can convince her to take her place in Society again. Doctor Samuel Whittington, late of His Majesty’s Army, may be her only chance for a cure … and romance. Can Sam convince Clytie to open the door, and her heart?

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