20/20 Memphis Fund Raiser

1 4 x 6 in 500Hi, everyone. I wanted to take a moment to share information about a fundraiser for a worthy organization and cause. As you know, the greater Memphis area is near and dear to my heart. I spent some time there researching what eventually became It Happened in Memphis and Hard-Boiled Blues.

Well, there is an organization there called 20/20 Memphis, whose goal is to help obtain surgical eye care for low income/indigent patients at imminent risk for blindness. I mentioned in a previous post that the greater Memphis area has the highest poverty rate in the nation, so this is a quite a worthy cause.

Right now, in conjunction with 901Tix, 20/20 Memphis is holding a fundraiser. If you send $20.20 via the link, or by check to the address shown, you will get two vinyl car window clings that show you’re a supporter of this important cause.

Please click here: 2020 Memphis Sight Saver.

Thanks for your consideration,

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