Beware! The “Phantom of the Opera Blogathon!”

Hi, everyone. If you enjoyed my Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes books, you may want to investigate this blogathon. Keep your hand at the level of your eyes!

pure entertainment preservation society

“‘I had, no doubt, to do with a terrible, eccentric person, who, in some mysterious fashion, had succeeded in taking up his abode there, under the Opera house, five stories below the level of the ground. And the voice, the voice which I had recognized under the mask, was on it’s knees before me was a man! And I began to cry … The man, still kneeling, must have understood the cause of my tears, for he said, “It is true, Christine! … I am not an Angel, nor a genius, nor a ghost … I am Erik!”‘”

If these words cause a special feeling inside of you that is only felt by a true Phan, you have come to the right place! What I am about to announce is every Phans’ greatest phantasy, a blogathon dedicated entirely to all things phantasmic! Now, stay away from trapdoors, beware of shadows, and…

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2 thoughts on “Beware! The “Phantom of the Opera Blogathon!”

  1. Derar Sharon,

    Thank you so much for republishing this! If you would like to publish a blurp, description, or excerpt from one or more of your “Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes” books, we would be thrilled to include it in the blogathon!

    Yours Hopefully,

    Tiffany Brannan


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