Sample Saturday: “In The Eye of The Storm”

eye2Hi, everyone. I have had a lot of fun celebrating the 10th anniversary of In The Eye of the Beholder. However, this year is also the 5th anniversary of its sequel, In The Eye of The Storm. That’s where today’s sample comes from. Our narrator is Gilbert Rochambeau, who started as a minor character in the first book but soon showed me that his role would be much larger. Enjoy!

I suppose I should write about my friendship with Erik LeMaître. I was initially terrified of him; I would be a liar to say otherwise. He was a fearless assassin, and his word was law in the household. But then I realized that, like me, he had been subjected to abuse: only our response to it differed. I had been frightened and craven; Erik, for his part, was ruthless.

We were similar in height and build, as I have said; the suit he gave to me that night was the first well-cut clothing I had worn in years. He was determinedly fastidious in his person, almost as though compensating for the ravaged face he wore.

And ravaged it was. One side was handsome as a man might want, while the other was twisted and discolored by a port wine birthmark. The soft skin of one nostril was completely gone, and one eye was almost lidless. It was this disfigurement that he covered with his many masks. His eyes glittered green and his raven black hair swept back from his forehead. I kept it trimmed weekly to hide the clever hairpiece he wore; the ravaged tissues of his face extended to his scalp on that side.

Every time I saw Claire kiss Erik, unafraid of his appearance, my heart alternately swelled at her kindness and plummeted with jealousy and despair at the idea that I would find such a wife. There could surely not be a second woman like her anywhere on earth. I was equally certain that no woman would tolerate the horror of my twisted leg and the embarrassment of my limp.

Want your own copy of In The Eye of The Storm? Here are the back cover copy and purchase links.

San Francisco, 1948

When a mysterious stranger approaches Clarice Kaye in her favorite restaurant, his words trigger a voyage of discovery: “You look just like your grandmother, but you have your mother’s eyes.”

There was only one question in Clarice’s mind: how could he know?

Armed with family diaries that tell of the scandalous grandmother for whom she was named, Clarice embarks on a journey through Paris’ modern art movement, 1906 San Francisco, and the depths of the Opéra Garnier in this long-awaited sequel to In The Eye of The Beholder.

In The Eye of The Storm is the 2015 Silver Medal Winner for Best Fan Fiction in the Global eBook Awards.



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The Ripped Bodice






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