Exclusive Interview with the Phantom of the Opera and his Paramour.

Here’s a little “Blast from the Past,” in honor of the 10th anniversary of “In The Eye of The Beholder.”

Blackfriars Courant

Greetings, My Literate Darlings!

Much has happened these past few weeks. Ah, 1890s Paris in the fall… tres magnifique! I must admit I tarried a bit longer than I should… So many things to do, so many sensational stories to set in motion…catching up with Kwazimodo over chocolate and croissants up on the gables of Notre Dame, scintillating literary conversation with Monsieur Verne over tea…but I digress.

The purpose of my using the Through Time Traveler’s Coat and Story Key was to seek out that elusive creature…the Opera Ghost of the Palais Garnier… Rakish good looks, tight pants, ooooo and the mask only covering half of that gorgeous face…but alas, it was not meant to be. I had assumed that, after the whole Angel of Music Debacle, the Phantom of the Opera might be free for coffee, but no, what I found was even more intriguing. The lovely, strong…

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