Blogging from A to Z: R is for Roses

AtoZ2019tenthAnnI woke the next morning to find another ribbon-wrapped rose on the night stand next to my bed. I inhaled its fragrance and wondered whether the Opera Ghost might have stood in my chamber and sung to me. The idea gave me an unexpected frisson of pleasure, particularly as I remembered the enchanting green-gold eyes that gazed upon me in the fifth cellar. Surely not. I was not given to such flights of fancy; I shook my head to clear the night’s cobwebs away.  — Excerpt from In The Eye of The Beholder

2327594Erik sends roses to Claire regularly before she finds out who has given her the gifts. They are always red, with the stem wrapped in silk ribbon to cover the thorns.

Why red roses? Well, in the era about which I’m writing each flower carried a meaning. Floriography, or the language of flowers, gave a definition to every item in a bouquet. Lovers selected their flowers carefully.

A red rose told the recipient of the sender’s love and respect for them. Violets, which play a part in In The Eye of The Storm, say “I’ll always be true.”

Are you enjoying this series so far? Intrigued enough that you would like your own copy of In The Eye of The Beholder? Here are the blurb and purchasing links.

Whilst working at the opera, she meets a mysterious, masked stranger: Erik. Is it possible that the two of them will heal the pain of each other’s past?

Updated for 2015 with glossaries of equestrian terms and French words used in the text.



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5 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z: R is for Roses

  1. I like the flower references — it takes me back to the movie version of Phantom with Gerard playing the iconic role 🙂

    Ronel visiting with the A-Z Challenge music and writing: Music Rush


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