Happy Birthday, David and Elvis

January 8 seems to have been a good day for rock legends to be born. David Bowie (1947) and Elvis Presley (1935) share it. I miss both of them.

Here are some bonus tracks in honor of their natal days. I chose these pieces because they speak to me about hope and better days ahead.


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, David and Elvis

      1. The part most people like the best is the ‘black leather sit-down,’ which Col. Parker didn’t want in the show at all.

        And yes, I agree that the leather suit is iconic. When I was at Graceland, I stood in front of that thing like it was a holy relic. 🙂


  1. I think Elvis wrote (or at least came up with the idea for) “If I Can Dream” as a response to the assassination of Martin Luther King, which I guess really shook him up. It’s a beautiful and powerful statement. Good choices!


    1. Elvis wasn’t a composer, but he loved that song. It was written especially for the ’68 show by Walter Earl Brown, who directly quoted King in the lyrics. The song was recorded just two months after King’s assassination … and you’re right, Elvis was really upset by it.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the selections.


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