Nottaway was not one of the plantations I visited while researching “Bayou Fire,” although I did see it from the car. In any event, this is a great historical look at another of Louisiana’s plantation houses. Enjoy!

History Imagined

Nottoway_041853,000 sq. ft., 64 rooms, 7 stairways, 22 massive exterior columns, 12 hand-carved marble fireplaces, 15 1/2 foot ceilings, 5 galleries, and double front entry steps with a boot scraper indicating the gentlemen’s side  – these details alone would be sufficient to secure Nottoway Plantation’s place among the most notable American castles. Not only is it the largest antebellum plantation house still standing, it is a fine example of the Greek Revival architecture of the period. In its present incarnation, it is a resort destination that plays host to society weddings and guests seeking that special touch of grandeur only such hotels can provide. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a member of Historic Hotels of America. It is indeed a magnificent structure.

John-Hampden-Randolph-Family-Original-Owner-of-Nottoway-Plantation-in-White-Castle-LouisianaWhen John Hampden Randolph and his family moved into the home in 1859, Nottoway was the crowning achievement of his career…

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