From where I sit, the only way we can tell true-to-life stories is if we go out and engage with the world. In other words: have a life! You never know when inspiration will strike.

Meg Dowell Writes

I decided to take a few days off of work last December — something I didn’t do often. I took a train up into the city near my hometown, met a friend, and navigated the infamous traffic and parking fees and crowds so we could see a concert.

It was Lindsey Stirling’s Chicago tour stop. We sat in the last row — so far back that we weren’t even sitting in theater seats, but the extra folding chairs they put out to fit more people in. We had to stand if we wanted to see the stage.

That might seem like a lot to endure in one evening to listen to someone play the violin for a few hours.

But I figured it would be worth it. And it was … just not in the way I was expecting.

The thing about live concerts is, it’s always more than just…

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