It’s true, mostly … someone did wind up in my most recent work-in-progress. He deserved everything that happened to him. 😉

Otherwise, spot-on.

Meg Dowell Writes

All writers have friends who are not writers. It would get a little overwhelming, to be honest, if we only hung out with people as creatively inclined, writing-wise, as we are. But just because it happens doesn’t mean it’s easy. Sometimes, it’s exhausting. So, non-writer friends — here are a few things we’ve never told you, but have wanted to for a long time.

We’re not (always) thinking, “This would make a great story!”

You don’t think about your job 24/7. We don’t think about ours that much, either. When real-life events do inspire us to write something, most of the time, it’s accidental. Ideas are a bit like viruses. They creep up without warning and slowly take over our lives. We don’t go looking for them and don’t even always detect them in the moment. Comments like, “You could write a story about this” are well-meaning, and we appreciate…

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