Phantom of the Opera Challenge – Day 3

Who is your favorite minor character?

In the book, it’s the dancer called Jambes (which is French for “legs”).  She’s snobby, in an entertaining way, because she has a rich patron (Raoul’s older brother, Philippe).  Jambes is mentioned briefly in In The Eye of The Beholder; she lives in the same Paris neighborhood as Claire Delacroix.

reyerIn the ALW musical, it’s the long-suffering Monsieur Reyer, the orchestra conductor.  He is very much under Carlotta’s thumb.  The image to the left is my Livejournal icon of Monsieur Reyer; it reads “I’m too, too old for this shit.”  That pretty much covers his temperament in the show.

In the Yeston/Kopit musical, it’s Joseph Buquet, the stage manager.  He has a much larger role than in the ALW version, and we get to see a little bit about his thought processes.

Here is Philip Griffiths, talking about spending 20 years playing Monsieur Reyer in London.

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