Bonus Track: “Ring of Fire”

Last week, I wrote that two of my goals for 2018 were to spend more in-person time with friends and to hear more live music.

Well, Saturday night we saw James Garner’s excellent Johnny Cash tribute band.  I’d seen the act once before, at a harvest festival, but this was a more formal concert setting.  Garner shared historical information about several of the songs he performed, as well as how he came to be a Johnny Cash fan himself.

This show also helped keep me in the right mode for working on It Happened in Memphis and Other Stories; I’m at the stage of editing that makes me wonder what the hell I was thinking.  Every author experiences it, with every book … but it’s still painful while it’s going on.

Here’s a look at James Garner’s performance of the classic tune, “Ring of Fire.”  Enjoy!


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