Winter Solstice/Yule … with Bonus Tracks

Today marks the winter solstice.  This is the point, astronomically speaking, during which the Earth tilts to a position in which the northern hemisphere is farthest away from the sun, causing less light to reach that part of the planet.  This gives us the longest night of the year.

Public domain image, via Wikimedia Commons

It is also, for many pagan traditions, the Yule festival.  One of the largest Druidic celebrations of the season takes place each year at Stonehenge.  Yule is seen in many traditions as the birth of the Horned God/Herne, represented by the newborn sun.  In other words, the days begin to grow a bit brighter and longer as Herne ages.  Celebrations often includes meals and gift-giving.

I have two bonus tracks for the day.  The first is a lovely rendition of a traditional song called “In The Bleak Midwinter,” by Nathan Allen Pinard (which I have shared before).  The second is “Herne and the Red Kite,” by Hadley Fraser.  Enjoy!

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