Reblogging this nicely researched post about Christmas in Regency England. If you’re a fan of Regency-era tales, you’re sure to enjoy the excerpts from the author’s work at the end.

Every Woman Dreams...

Often times, the average reader or those not familiar with the early 1800s in England, think that Christmas was celebrated in the same manner as it is today, or at the very least something from the Victorian era. I once had a publisher provide me with a wonderful cover for my novel, Christmas at Pemberley, but it had a lighted Christmas tree, a no-no for the Regency Period. So what might we find in the Regency?

If you read yesterday’s story from Washington Irving, you hold a bit of knowledge of the time. But is that what we should expect from our Regency characters in the novels we read? In truth, it is very difficult to come across even the briefest mention of “Christmas” or “presents” or “holiday decorations” in pieces written during the actual Regency period.

In Persuasion, Jane Austen (chapter 14) describes the arrival of the Musgrove…

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