Weekend Reads … With a Twist

I was just going through my blog roll, and Carrie Rubin had a post in which she shared some indie and traditionally published books that she enjoyed.  She then invited authors in her readership to share a link to their latest work.  So, I’m paying that idea forward in this post.

If you’ve read something that you really enjoyed, please share in the comments.  Also, please share your latest work if you’re an author.  Only one link per post, please; otherwise, you will wind up in spam.

I won’t see your responses right away because I’m on my way home from Memphis, but I’ll look forward to reading them when I’ve landed.  Thanks!

One thought on “Weekend Reads … With a Twist

  1. Thanks so much for the mention. Much appreciated!

    I already listed my recent reads in my post yesterday, so I’ll mention what I’m reading now: the second book in Angela Marsons mystery/thriller series about a British investigator whose personal skills aren’t great but her detection skills are brilliant. It’s a great series. Glad to have found it.


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