S.E. White Author

A lot of the time, writers are afraid to give themselves enough credit.

We are afraid of seeming too pompous. Like people will see us as the writer holed up in a shed fueled by cigarettes, spite, and gallons of alcohol writing the Most Epic Literary Work of All Time. We’re worried that if we brag about the work we do it will sound excessively self-important and annoying.

If someone likes their work, writers tend to shrug it off with a modest “oh, it has a lot of polishing left to do” or “after a few edits, maybe it will be worth reading, (LOL).” Someone says, “Wow, you wrote a book?” and the writer starts talking about all of the ways it could be better and it’s not that big of a deal, but, you know, thanks.


It’s true that it’s not acceptable to be an arrogant douche of an…

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