How You Can Help Texas Right Now

More ways to help in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. If it seems like I’m harping on a theme here, it’s because I am.

Glover Gardens

All up and down the Texas coast, folks are dealing with the havoc of Hurricane Harvey.

Many across the world are watching this unfold, from the devastation all around where Harvey made his landfall, to the catastrophic flooding across the Houston metropolitan area where 6.6 million people live.

And still the rain comes.

So many caring and concerned people have asked how they can help.  Thank you ~ this means the world to us. Here’s a short list.

Pray or Send Good Juju

The power of positive thinking is indisputable. Your concern, prayers, thoughts and wishes are sustaining and reassuring.  They tell us that we are not alone, that someone is listening, that the world cares. Sometimes even the simplest expression of encouragement resonates and becomes a rallying cry.


Come Help

If you have a high-water vehicle or a boat (and can get here safely), help is still needed.

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