Who Writes Your Stories?

I am definitely character-driven; sometimes they have ideas that are better than mine. 😉 In fact, that happened again just this morning. Great article here.

A Writer's Path

by Mae McKinnon

As much as it sounds like one, no, that isn’t a trick question. And we’re not talking about ghost-writers either.

There are many voices involved when writing. Some of these we’re aware of, others are more ambiguous. We all bring with us, after all, however subconsciously, our prior experiences (whether we remember them or not).

As such, there are many ways a story can come together, but most of them can be boiled down to being either a) author driven or b) character driven.

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One thought on “Who Writes Your Stories?

  1. I didn’t really have this experience so much with my first book.


    Maybe, a little. I mean I was writing about real people, so of course they influenced me, but in what I’m writing now, A Chance Meeting: a Lady MoonWalker Story I have many character voices, inspirations, and I think as they would think.

    Derrick Gibbous, gives me great ideas. He’s the main male character and he is inspired by someone near and dear to my heart.

    So, he plays a huge role in what I write.

    Another is a female character, me, but it is not always myself she takes after, or, is she?

    Haven’t quite figured it all out.

    I write, then go back and read. I analyze as well. LOL!

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