This is an interesting look at the missions in Texas, along with a list of books set there. As someone who lives in an area surrounded by Spanish missions, this was a treat to see. As an author of historical fiction, I loved the connection to books.

History Imagined

mexico-city-in-the-eighteenth-century-ca-1769 View of the main square of Mexico City, 1700’s.

Though it’s dominance of the Borderlands ended long ago, Spain’s influence remains throughout the region. Things as diverse as architecture, clothing, place names, and national parks are testaments to the culture that once held sway from Florida to California. Before there was an Interstate 10 or US 90 connecting the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, there was Old Spanish Trail, an auto route spanning the continent from St. Augustine, Florida to San Diego, California. Begun in 1915, the builders and promoters for OST claimed it followed the route used by the Spanish Conquistadors 400 years earlier. Whether truth or hype, it made for a good story and demonstrates colonial Spain’s reach into the 20th century and beyond. Old Spanish Trail is still a major thoroughfare in the Rice University-University of Houston-Texas Southern University section of Houston.

Juan de Onate y Salazar Juan de Onate y Salazar


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