How Desire Affects the Publishing Industry

I will never forget a conversation I had with the co-author on my first book (a piece of military history non-fiction). I had written my first novel, sent a query to a publisher who asked for the first three chapters … and then for the whole thing … and then sent me a rejection letter.

My friend said “Look, none of this is about your writing; it’s about what the acquisitions editor thinks will sell. It’s about what Mrs. Average will buy on impulse while checking out at WalMart. One or two ‘dogs,’ and that acquisitions editor is looking at a pink slip.”

He was right.

FWIW, the rejection letter I got was quite detailed. Once I got over the hurt feelings, I took on board the advice with which I could agree and the book was all that much better for it. And yes, I found a publisher with the new version.

Our competition isn’t just other authors, friends; it’s Disneyland, Harley-Davidson, or any other business that wants that same leisure dollar we’re hoping readers will spend on us and our work. At the end of the day, it’s all about business.

A Writer's Path

by Steven Capps

So this is going to be a bit of a rant. I want to discuss a few extremely popular books such as Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey, and Harry Potter. If you regularly frequent the literary blogosphere, you might have an idea about what this is going to be about, but I am NOT going to write an entire rant disbarging the quality of writing in the above books. Instead, I am going to rant about the people who hate them.

My primary problem does not lie with the dislike of these books. Of the above, the only series I have enjoyed was Harry Potter and I partially credit that to being young and not having really any experience reading novels. This is besides the point. Anyone can have an opinion regardless of their stance, but what pisses me off is when people push their opinion on…

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