Branding Statements for Authors

Hi, everyone.  Back in 2011, I wrote this article on creating a branding statement.  At the time, I was very much pleased with the statement I developed:

“Books by internationally published author Sharon E. Cathcart provide discerning readers of essays, fiction and non-fiction with a powerful, truthful literary experience.”

I used a formula that amounted to product + audience + claim to develop the statement, and I think that still holds true in terms of figuring out what to say.

Over time, I realized that statement wasn’t what I wanted to use anymore.  Why?  Because your branding statement is also your elevator speech.  I had to do too much explaining after that brand statement to talk about what I wrote.  If you only have 30 seconds to tell someone what you do, that statement is far too long.  So, I looked a little deeper into what I do and, using the same formula, came up with this:

“Sharon E. Cathcart is an award-winning author of fiction featuring atypical characters.”

Crisp, succinct … and gets it all out there in less than 30 seconds.

How about you?  Do you have a brand statement as an author?  What is it?  How did you develop it?  Can you use the formula above to create one today?


3 thoughts on “Branding Statements for Authors

  1. Mine branding statement is… “Bette A. Stevens, a writer inspired by nature and human nature.” I write books for children and fiction for age 10-adult. Thanks for giving authors food for thought…


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