Bizarre Things People Say to Authors

I’ve had a few of these myself, but my favorite remains “This book had too many horse words in it” … in reference to a book whose protagonist was an equestrienne.

A Writer's Path

by Lev Raphael

Nobody tells you that when you publish a book, it becomes a license for total strangers to say outrageous things to you that you could never imagine saying to anyone.

I’m not just talking about people who’ve actually bought your book. Even people who haven’t read your book feel encouraged to share, in the spirit of helpfulness.

At first, when you’re on tour, it’s surprising, then tiring — but eventually it’s funny, and sometimes it even gives you material for your next book. All the comments on this list have been offered to me or other writer friends in almost exactly these words:

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2 thoughts on “Bizarre Things People Say to Authors

    1. Another one I love? “Oh, you’re an author! Have I read anything you’ve written?”

      My reply is always the same: “I don’t know what all you’ve read. I happen to have a copy of XYZ in the car if you’d like to buy it.”


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