Sample Saturday: “Last Stop: Storyville”

BayouToday’s sample is from a first draft, so it will most likely be tweaked a great deal.  I’m working on a short story collection called Bayou Non-Standard Time, and this snippet is from one of the tales.  Enjoy!

Afterward, Jimmy fell asleep. He was embarrassed when he woke up and found Lucy sketching him.

“May I see?”

“Course you can, when I’m done.” She took a few more minutes to complete her drawing and then turned the pad around to show him.

“Lord-a-mercy,” he said. “I really do look almost exactly like my Uncle Amos.” She’d captured his cheekbones and slender nose perfectly, his hair mussed as he slept with an arm under the pillow.

“He must be one helluva handsome man,” she laughed.

“The ladies always seem to think so,” Jimmy replied, a wry smile on his lips. Then he turned serious. “Look, Lucy, you’ re really talented. That’s a beautiful drawing. Haven’t you ever thought about making a living from your art?”

“In case you ain’t noticed, jobs are few and far between right now,” she replied. “That’s exactly why I came here in the first place. Thought I could get me a job drawing for the Times or something. That didn’t exactly turn out. I ran out of money, and I had to leave the boarding house. I wasn’t pretty enough for one of the fancy houses, but I can rent me one of these cribs from Tom Anderson for twenty-five cents a day. All that takes is one trick, so anything else is gravy.”


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