In Honor of D-Day

Today is the 73rd anniversary of D-Day.  In commemoration, I am sharing a download link to the first book I ever wrote.  It’s a military history entitled Born of War … Dedicated to Peace, concerning Sixth U.S. Army.  The book was written in honor of the unit’s decommissioning, and was given as a souvenir at the closing ceremony.

Today, please think of those who gave all.


3 thoughts on “In Honor of D-Day

  1. Hmmm. Weren’t they reactivated in 2008? And, as point of honor, we already had a day to remember those who were KIA. I say this because, people still try to thank me for my service on Memorial Day. After years of being kind and saying thank you, I finally decided to reply with something to the effect of “But, I didn’t die.”


    1. Yes, at Ft. Hood … and in a totally different capacity. :-/ We handled Western Defense Command, disaster response, and a whole lot more. The whole closure of the Presidio of San Francisco as a military base (along with every other base in the SF Bay Area) was to punish San Francisco’s then-mayor Art Agnos for refusing to home-port the USS Missouri. I could go on about this for days.

      Thank you for your service, from a former DoD civilian, daughter of a Vietnam-era ex-POW, and granddaughter of a man who saw combat in North Africa (and who, per his DD214, apparently liked being an E-4 so much that he got to do it twice — he lost a stripe).


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