2 thoughts on “How can we encourage more readers to leave reviews for our books?

  1. I read many of the books I enjoy via the Talking-Book program provided through the National Library For the Blind, and Physically Handicap, or EBooks for Kindle. When I am done, I have two places I review. I have done this longer than I’ve been a writer. First if I read a book through NLS I review on a large email list dedicated to nothing but reviewing books. Many who review there, also share their reviews to social media, and blogs.

    Blind persons especially love to talk about what they read, how they liked it, or if they did not, why.

    Another place I review books is on GoodReads, and again, these are shared through the various social media outlets and blogger sources.

    This is why I have been encouraging authors to consider getting in touch with NLS and finding out what must be done to make their books available to less fortunate readers.

    I enjoy your blog, and thanks much for posting.


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