Clockwork Alchemy, Day 1

ca 2017 boothHi, everyone.  As promised, here is a photo of my table at Clockwork Alchemy.  Friday is generally a fairly “soft” day, with sales light across the board.  I anticipate things being much more brisk today.

The t-shirt I’m wearing reads “Music is Not a Crime.”  On the back, it has the logo of the Music and Cultural Coalition of New Orleans, of which I am a member.  I tend to dress a bit more casually on load-in and load-out days of events.

I have every nice next-door neighbors at the show, too!  To my right is steampunk author T.E. MacArthur, and to my left is the legendary Harry Turtledove.  The rest of the Author’s Alley is peopled with great folks as well, but these two are my immediate neighbors.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat, and who purchased a book.

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