RIP, Sir Roger Moore

Photograph by Allen Warren.  Used under Creative Commons License 3.0

Yesterday came the sad news that actor and humanitarian Sir Roger Moore had passed away at the age of 89.  Moore was best known for his turn as James Bond, but was most proud of his work as goodwill ambassador for UNICEF.

This is the part where I confess to a ridiculous fondness for the character of James Bond, both in novels and on film.  Yes, I know he’s a chauvinist.  I enjoy the adventure, and the story-telling is, frankly, first-rate.

Anyway …

My day-job boss shared his own Roger Moore story with me yesterday.

Many years ago, he and his wife were going to live in Riyadh for Boss-man’s job. They had a long layover at Heathrow, and were in the Harrods store there. In came Roger Moore and his bodyguard. Well, Boss-man and Mrs. Boss-man are huge fans, so Mrs. goes over and asks if she could have her picture taken with him, saying “You’re my favorite Bond.”

Moore’s response was “I’ll bet you say that to all the Bonds” … and he had his pic taken with Mrs.

Later, they’re in the restaurant when Moore and his bodyguard come in, and there are no tables. They’re told they have to wait, but Boss-man and Mrs. are at a four-seater by themselves. Boss-man goes over, thanks Moore again for the photograph and says “We promise not to bother you; you can share our table.” Boss-man says that both Moore and his bodyguard were charming and delightful, engaging them in conversation throughout the entire meal. It’s one of his favorite memories.

I don’t have a personal story like that, but Moore was my favorite James Bond.  My favorite Bond film (and novel, for that matter) is Live and Let Die.  It also featured the late Geoffrey Holder, who was another of my favorite actors.

In honor of Sir Roger’s passing, I share this live performance of “Live and Let Die” by Sir Paul McCartney.  His band “Wings” made the original soundtrack recording.



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