Music Monday: “Nuages,” by Django Reinhardt

Happy Monday, everyone!  As long-time readers know, Monday is the day I share a favorite music track.  Sometimes it’ll be related to my writing, but sometimes it’s just something I like and want to share.  That’s the case with today’s track.

Django Reinhardt (1/23/10 – 5/16/53) was a Belgian-born French guitarist of Romani descent.  Two of his fingers were disabled in a fire, so he developed a completely new and different style of playing:  “hot” jazz guitar.  He played in the Quintette du Hot Club de France with violinist Stephane Grapelli, and toured all over Europe.  He’s been cited as an influence by a diverse group of musicians ranging from Sir Paul McCartney to Tommy Iommi and Willie Nelson.

Please enjoy this recording of Nuages, by the aforementioned Hot Club Quintet, featuring Django Reinhardt.



8 thoughts on “Music Monday: “Nuages,” by Django Reinhardt

    1. The Louisiana Music Factory has got to be one of the coolest stores I’ve ever visited. I got a package from them just two days ago, with Ronell Johnson’s new CD. If you are a fan of trad jazz, you need to check him out!

      Thanks for stopping by, and for your comment!

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      1. Isn’t it? We’ll be there in July and I’ll definitely try out Ronell Johnson. I’m a huge fan of trad jazz. I get WWOZ on an internet radio and listen all the time. So nice to connect with a fellow fan!


      2. Oh, you very much should check out his stuff! Ronell is the trombonist with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and he’s just awesome. I love WWOZ, too! Indeed, it’s wonderful to connect. You just never know who you’ll met on-line! Thanks again for stopping by!


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