“Music, Mayhem, and Bad Decisions” Bonus Track

Hi, everyone.  It’s been kind of a crazy week.  I released Bayou Fire and Music, Mayhem, and Bad Decisions on May 1.  The latter is a re-work of a previously released memoir, with a new cover and several updates.  I write about my days in the Portland, Oregon, music business in the early 1980s, as well as some of my experiences and observations.  I won’t lie; I also deal frankly with the domestic violence I experienced at the hands of a boyfriend during that time as well … so be ready for that when you read.

The main thing I talk about, though, is the music.  I spent a lot of time in local clubs, and I had some favorite groups whom I made a point of seeing regularly.  One of them was Thin Man, featuring lead vocalist Rod Langdahl.

Here is Thin Man’s video for “Miss America,” which was featured on MTV’s “Battle of the Bands” (a program in which viewers phoned in votes for videos each week to see which group would move on in the competition).  Enjoy!


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