Facts from My Fiction: Story Board, “His Beloved Infidel”

layoutHi, everyone.  Yesterday, I shared a little sample of His Beloved Infidel.  This novella ranks among my favorite pieces of work for a variety of reasons.  I got to write about a city I love, share real-world events as seen through the eyes of ordinary people, and learn a great deal about the Persian culture.  I had the opportunity to ask questions of people, as well as studying on my own.

I also gathered a great many images to inspire me.  I use Pinterest for my story boards; it’s easy and convenient.  If I found an inspiring image, I could put it up.  I could also put up photos of places I planned to use in the text so that I could find them for easy reference.  Whether it was architecture, wedding traditions, or poetry, I could take a look and get on track.

You can see the story board for His Beloved Infidel at this link.

Do you use story boarding when you write?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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