10 of the Best Poems about Depression

Having written about melancholy/depression myself, I found this post about poetry very interesting. It is my pleasure to share it with my readers.

Interesting Literature

The best poems about feeling depressed

We all get the blues from time to time; even the jolliest soul sometimes has days when he or she feels a little bit down. More severely, many people suffer from more serious clinical depression. According to one study, reading for just six minutes every day can reduce depression by up to 68%, and poetry isn’t a bad thing to fill a six-minute daily reading window. Poets remind us that we are not alone, and that others have felt – and articulated what we have felt. Many poets have addressed the topic of depression, melancholy, the doldrums – here are ten of the best.

Thomas Hoccleve, ‘Complaint’. Hoccleve (c. 1368-1423) is not as well known as his near-contemporary Geoffrey Chaucer, nor even his nearer contemporary, Thomas Lydgate. But the opening to his ‘Complaint’ is perhaps the earliest example in medieval poetry…

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