Music Monday: “Little Wing,” by Laurence Juber

It’s a new week, which means it’s time for Music Monday.  This time, I thought I would introduce you to the man who has been my favorite guitarist since 1979:  Laurence Juber.  I guarantee you’ve heard a ton of his work and had no idea it was him.  LJ is primarily a studio musician, and he’s done a ton of film work as well.  He was part of Wings during the “Back to the Egg” period; prior to that, he worked with Cleo Laine, John Dankworth, and a host of other jazz greats.  He’s also a two-time Grammy award recipient.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing him live several times, and gotten to know him a bit via Facebook.  He’s a genuinely nice guy, and a brilliant talent.  Please enjoy his live performance cover of Jimi Hendrix’ “Little Wing.”


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