Sample Saturday, and a Bonus Track: “Bayou Fire” and “Jolie Blon”

Today’s sample is from my work in progress, Bayou Fire, and includes a video of Jimmy C. Newman, Jo-El Sonnier, and Doug Kershaw performing the song I reference.  Enjoy!

“Amos Boudreaux, you stop kissing on that girl and go get your squeeze box,” Pauline called after the song ended. “I’ve a mind to hear ‘Jolie Blon’.”

Turning to Diana, she said “You sit down here with me, chère, and get ready for a treat. My boy Amos can sing!”

Amos went into the house and came out with an old Sterling button accordion. When he sat down in the gathering dusk and started to play, Diana couldn’t take her eyes off of him. He was quite the package, with his dark good looks and talent. Harmon joined in with his violin, and the two men harmonized beautifully. Amos’ baritone joined in with Harm’s tenor seamlessly.

“You should have seen us in the old days,” Pauline was saying. “Those Kershaw and Savoy boys would come around and we’d have a real laissez les bon temps rouler.”

She stopped and watched Diana watching Amos.

“You look like you’re fallin’ in love with my boy, chère. I think you must be, me. You can’t stop watching him.”


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