Sample Saturday: “His Beloved Infidel”

layoutToday’s sample comes from my first inter-ethnic romance, published in 2013.  Please enjoy this excerpt from His Beloved Infidel.

The institute did not hold class on Wednesdays. Farukh asked Catherine to come with him to the Louvre on their day off. It had been a long while since Catherine last visited there, and she looked forward to an entire day with Farukh instead of the few hours they typically spent together.

They met at the ticket holders’ line; Farukh had come early to pay the admission fees.

“I wanted particularly to share the Islamic art with you,” he explained as they entered the building. Farukh led the way to the Department of Near Eastern Antiquities.

He showed her the Celestial Sphere, made in Isfahan in 1145, that showed all of the constellations. Then it was the rooster-headed ewer made of fritware … the beautiful bowl with hunting scenes sculpted on it … all amazing works of art that came from his country. He spoke with both pride and authority on the history of each object.

Because the Louvre was so crowded, Farukh put his arm around Catherine’s waist to draw her closer to him. If she was surprised by his public gesture of affection, she did not show it. It felt good to have a physical connection to a man of such obvious erudition.

They went to lunch afterwards at a nearby cafe.

“Thank you for this morning, Farukh. It was so interesting to learn about those pieces from you.”

“I am proud of my country’s history,” he replied, “although I do not always agree with my government.”

“I could say much the same thing,” Catherine replied ruefully.

“You see, my khanum, we are not so different after all.”


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