Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans

I just learned about, and joined, this organization today.  There are many issues facing local musicians all across the country, and I felt compelled to help this group because I have enjoyed so much wonderful music during my research trips to NOLA for Bayou Fire, whether on the street or in the clubs.  You can click on the logo to learn more.

I used to be in the music business; I know how important it is to have enough venues, for musicians to know their rights, and so forth.  This organization is doing important work to help preserve and carry on the sound that is such an important part of New Orleans history.

One of the things I have challenged my readers to do, as budgets permit, is to pick two or three organizations per month and make a donation to them. Choose organizations that fit your values … that matter to you personally.  It doesn’t have to be a huge donation; even a few dollars matter.  If your budget doesn’t permit, write letters to your congressional representative about issues that matter to you.

Let’s all do our little bit to make the world around us a better place.

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