Sample Saturday and Birthday Month Giveaway #2: “Clytie’s Caller”

Clyties_CallerHi, everyone.  This week’s sample is from my sweet Regency novella, Clytie’s Caller.  As part of my ongoing birthday celebration, you can get a full-length copy free of charge by using coupon code UK64P at check-out through January 21, 2017.  Click here!

Here’s a sample to whet your appetite:

Samuel was just donning his hat to leave the Browning townhouse when Isabel stopped him in the foyer.

“Are you really calling on Archie’s sister? That girl is attics to let, Sam.”

“Bella, my dear, she is no such thing.”

“You saw how she ran from the Assembly Rooms; Archie was mortified.”

“She’s frightened, Bella; nothing more. Once I know why, I can help her. She’s no different from the soldiers I help every day.”

“Clytemnestra Preston has never been in battle,” Isabel scoffed.

“I beg to differ, cousin,” Samuel said, and walked out the door to mount his waiting horse.

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