So, What’s Next?

whats-next-1462747_1280As I mentioned in an earlier post, I finished draft 1.0 of Bayou Fire with just two days to spare on my self-imposed deadline.

So, what’s next?

Well, I’m working on a re-issue of You Had to Be There, my music business memoir. A crucial conversation with my eBook publisher revealed that he hated both the title and the cover. So, the new title is ::drumroll please:: Music, Mayhem & Bad Decisions: Three Years in the Portland Punk & New Wave Scene. I’ll be updating the text with more “where are they now” information, and working with my cover artist on a new jacket design.

Speaking of jacket designs, Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes and Brief Interludes are also going to get facelifts in early 2017. I’ll do new cover reveals here first, so watch this space!

Finally, two brand-new stories, Flowers of London and Flowers of Paris, will appear in an anthology by Thinking Ink Press next year. I can’t wait to share the delightful Thaddeus Flowers with all of you. I’ll share more information on that as it becomes available.


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