Blast from the Past: Music from “You Had to Be There”

front-coveryhtbtThis post originally appeared in my GoodReads blog on September 27, 2012.

Those of you who read You Had to Be There: Three Years of Mayhem and Bad Decisions in the Portland Music Scene probably noticed that some of the chapter titles were also song titles. Song titles are not subject to copyright law, which is part of the reason I went that route. I also wanted to capture a little bit of both my musical taste and the period I was writing about.

Here are the song titles I used. If there’s a link, there’s a video.

Out Here on My Own, by Irene Cara
Like a Virgin, by Madonna
I Hear You Knocking, by Dave Edmunds
Tattooed Love Boys, by the Pretenders
Dizzy, by Tommy Roe
The Breakup Song, by the Greg Kihn Band
I Love Paris in the Springtime, by Ella Fitzgerald
All Tomorrow’s Parties, by the Velvet Underground. I actually prefer Bryan Ferry’s version, from 1993.
Fashion, by David Bowie. Particularly apropos, as MTV veejay Alan Hunter is one of the dancers; MTV was how we found out about most of the new music in the early ’80s. I sometimes wonder whether the station will ever play music again!
Putting Out Fire (With Gasoline), also by David Bowie. This song was also the theme to a film called “Cat People.” I chose to share this particular video because Bowie’s Serious Moonlight tour is discussed in the book.
The Kids are Alright, by the Who
Lady Stardust, also by David Bowie.
Starting Out Again,by local band A Family Restaurant, who were also mentioned in the book.
Changes, by (you guessed it), David Bowie
We Can Get Together, by Icehouse. This band was brilliant and sadly underrated.
San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair). This song, by the late Scott McKenzie (who became a friend of mine) is a long-time favorite.
I Left My Heart in San Francisco. There are numerous versions out there; this is Tony Bennett and Judy Garland.
The Last Time I Saw Paris, by Ann Sothern

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