My Customer

This is a great article. There’s a reason I refer to my readers/customers as fan-friends.

Patrick W. Marsh

When I started to solely support myself through my writing, I didn’t quite realize that I was going into customer service for myself. Nor did I think I’d ever blog about business tactics. Since I’ve started selling books for my chief source of income, I’ve noticed the word customer has changed in my vocabulary. Before, when I worked in customer service, I really didn’t have any personal allegiance to my customers visiting the various stores I was employed by. They were always considered this sort of demon-like creature spawned from the depths of a certain Hades. Unpredictable, undeniable, complete strangers holding your future in the palm of their needy hands.

When I worked for the movie theaters years ago, the customers were always aghast at the prices, angry about the refill policy, and complained about the slightest disturbance in the dark of the theater. Often when you would tell customers…

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