Sample Saturday: Bayou Fire Sneak Peek

I had such a great response to including a music video with last week’s Sample Saturday that I decided to do it again.  This is a tiny snippet from my current WIP.  The song is “Tramp on the Street,” from a live performance by bluegrass greats Rose Maddox and Vern Williams.  Enjoy!

After supper, the instruments came out. It seemed that just about everybody played something. After just a few chords of a song, Amos took Diana out to join him in a waltz.

“I loved this song when I was a boy,” he said. “Mommy had a record of it by Rose Maddox.”

They danced as though they’d waltzed together a thousand times before, as Harmon played violin, and their mother played the mandolin and and sang about a tramp on the street.

Amos brought Diana closer to him, still moving in time to the music, and kissed her forehead.

“Thank you for coming out here with me.” The second kiss dropped gently on her lips.

“Amos Boudreaux, you stop kissing on that girl and go get your squeeze box,” Pauline called after the song ended. “I’ve a mind to hear ‘Jolie Blon.’”


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