Sample Saturday: In The Eye of The Storm

Eye Of The Storm Cover_revisedThis week, I’m sharing a snippet from my award-winning novel, In The Eye of The Storm.  At the end, I’ll also share a video of the performance that inspired this particular scene.  Please visit My Books for purchasing links.  Enjoy!


The following week, Mommy dropped Clarice off for her lesson, so she was a little early. As she entered the barn, looking for Billy, she heard someone singing at the end of the aisle. Tiptoeing through the barn, she followed the sound — only to discover that the beautiful baritone belonged to Billy himself.

“I had no idea you sang,” she said quietly.

Billy blushed to the roots of his thick blond hair.

“Nothing like you do. Nothing fancy like opera. Just songs I like.”

“Will you sing something for me, Billy?”

He nodded. “This is my mother’s favorite,” he said, and began to sing “Violets for Your Furs,” a Billie Holiday song that was popular a few years previously. His voice was beautiful; the song suited him well. He looked deeply into Clarice’s eyes as he sang the song; she was captivated.

This must be what Grand-mère felt the first time she heard Erik sing, Clarice thought, her eyes never leaving Billy’s gaze as he finished the song.

He leaned forward and kissed her gently on the mouth. Then, he kissed her again, firmly.
They stepped away from one another, each looking into the other’s eyes. Billy’s were a startling pale blue with dark rings around the iris. His face wore an expression that Clarice had never seen on a boy before.

For her part, Clarice could feel the flush rising to her cheeks. She suddenly understood exactly what Grand-mère had meant about some men’s kisses. She didn’t think she could ever have eyes for Jimmy Aaron again.

“Clarice,” Billy said, “I wonder if you would allow me to take you out some time.”

“Of course,” she breathed.

The riding lesson seemed all too short that day.

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