Music Monday: Run for the Roses

maisey-102316This weekend, I had a rather emotional reunion with a long-lost friend.

Eleven years ago, I started to study dressage.  A few years later, I injured my back and had to stop riding entirely.  My favorite school horse was a palomino Quarter Horse mare whose registered name was Docs Golden Pep.  In the barn, she was called Maisey.

In defiance of doctor’s orders, I went and rode her six years ago in what would turn out to be the last time I was in the saddle.  I hadn’t seen her since.

By complete happenstance, it turned out that one of my colleagues in the office is married to the man who owned Maisey … and I learned that they still have her.  I went to visit her yesterday, and there were a great many tears shed during our reunion.  She is 18 years old now, and while I see the signs of age she is still beautiful to me.  I see her through eyes that love her very much.  What a great lesson that was:  if we look through the eyes of love, all of the little things that don’t matter so much just disappear.

For Maisey, today’s song is Dan Fogelberg’s “Run for the Roses.”  Enjoy!

(Photo of Maisey by me!)



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