I enjoyed this list of urban fantasy tales. I also add my own recommendation: Anthony Francis’ excellent Frost Moon series, which is set in Atlanta.

Graveyard for the Living

Urban Fantasy is one of my favourite genres. There are few things I enjoy more than examining how an author integrates the Fantastical and the Mundane to create fascinating new worlds. Some of the following are series’ because depth and complexity is often better expressed over multiple books. Unsurprisingly there was an overlap between my Favourite Book Series’ and my favourite Urban Fantasy so check that post out if it feels like I’ve missed something. I’ve mentioned by love for American Gods already so it will also not be on the list even though it belongs there.

  • Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch. The Rivers of London series follows Police Constable Peter Grant as he discovers, and joins, the supernatural side of London. While investigating a case Peter meets a ghost, and thus comes in contact with Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Nightingale who is the head of the Met…

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