Writing/Promotion Are Becoming Synonymous. – by Patrick W. Marsh

Patrick W. Marsh gets it right here. Check out a great post about the modern-day realities of being an author.

Patrick W. Marsh

Right now, we’re not able to just be writers. We’re also marketers, planners, and basic business people thrust into a digital world of instant communication. We don’t get paid to write, at least most the time. We publish our own works, scramble for people to edit and review our stories, and shamelessly self-promote through every flash or possibly obsolete social media site known to the rest of humanity. Gone are the days where you could settle into one genre, be represented by an agent, and hole up in your study for the rest of your life smoking a pipe and sipping red wine. Even those established authors have to provide their own social media presence, market their books, and be multi-genre based in their voice. A lot of mainstream writers teach, produce other projects, or buy goddamn racehorses. Sure, there are a few stalwarts still carving this path, but it’s…

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