Indie Author Day

self-e_indieauthorday_logo_tshirt-01-e1462823856596Today, October 8, 2016, is the inaugural Indie Author Day in the USA.  All over the country, libraries and conferences are focusing on works by independent authors.  This is an especially proud day for those of us who are independently, small-press, or hybrid published; it recognizes an acknowledgement that we have chosen a legitimate path for our works.

I have always been proud that my books are available on shelves in Hawaii, the Califa Library Group of 220 California libraries, Oregon’s Multnomah County Library, and the San José Public Library.  For an author whose traditional publishers have all been small, and who has opted to self-publish several titles, this is a big accomplishment.

Thanks, as always, to the readers who appreciate the smaller mid-listers like me and who inspire us to keep writing.


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